Introducing...Scully's Skeeto-O Spritz

July 26, 2021

Introducing...Scully's Skeeto-O Spritz

After two years of painstaking research, late nights and lots of itchy arms...  Because mosquito repellents suck! They smell gross, feel gross, have lots of nasty chemicals, or they don't work. And invariably some mosquito's get through, and you then need a whole different bottle of stuff to deal with the itching. So I wondered why we couldn't put both together in the same product...

FINALLY! a natural mosquito spritz that actually repels AND relieves. Painstakingly formulated over two years, Scully's Skeet-O Spritz uses only the freshest organic ingredients distilled directly from the plant source. There are some 176 mosquito different species that bite humans in the US alone, with many different scent attractors, which is why we distilled and blended 6 different essential oils for maximum effectiveness. Our ultra pure Thyme, Lavender, citronella, mint and cedarwood oils help create a safe and steady mosquito repelling shield for your skin. BUT it doesn't stop there...

It turns out the little buggers are also attracted to body heat and CO2, so some will always get through, even with the nastiest of chemical sprays. The great news is that because Peppermint and Cedarwood oils are not only great repellents, but are also highly effective anti inflammatories, we've paired them with fresh Vermont Chamomile and Vitamin E to help calm any bites that do happen.

And just like all Scully’s products you the entire family can use it, and then sit right down at your picnic table, beach blanket, park bench, or back yard bbq and enjoy your lunch without worrying about ingesting or huffing nasty chemicals or over powering smells. And, of course being Scully's, the spritz pairs with environmentally & pocketbook friendly Skeet-O Refills.