Customer Testimonials

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John H., Barista

SCULLY’S IS AWESOME!  No smell. No stickiness. 12hrs—Boom!

Dr. Esra F., Pediatrician

Scully’s is the ONLY deodorant I’ll recommend to nursing moms.

Ayana B., Lawyer

…it’s so refreshing! Smells great, feels great,..

 Keith F., Brand Manager (Investor) 

This is the first time I've ever loved a deodorant.

Matt & Donna A., Physicist/Nurse

We took “The Scully’s” with us to Paris. Amazingly refreshing after a long flight. Ooh, la la.

Theresa N., New Mom

It's great for nursing. No parabens, no chemical fragrances next to my baby’s nose.

Elisa N., Owner Green In Brooklyn

I tried Deodormint, and knew absolutely that I wanted it in my store,.. 

Ms G., PE Teacher

a lot of kids don’t even realize they’ve started to smell. I always keep a bottle of Scully’s on hand. 

Peter G., Banker

When David opened his account with me, I was so intrigued with his story, I had to try his Deodormint. 

Makonen H., Chef

What I like about Deodormint: Works great.  Feels great.  Only 3 ingredients.

David S., Video Editor (Investor)

I bought a bottle of Deodormint -BEFORE it even had a proper bottle- I liked it so much I became an investor.

Eva A., Student

I love my Scully’s. Works great on stinky cleats and shin guards too.