Four Generations Of Armpits

Dedicated to the idea that if it’s on your body it’s in your body, family owned Scully’s Wonderful Stuff Inc is the first “Farm to Armpit” all natural personal products company.

“I love that you’re running again, but I hate your stinky armpits.”  - My lovely wife 

I tried a lot of antiperspirants and deodorants, but none of them worked for me. I didn’t like the artificial smell and feel, and they stained my shirts. Then my mom happened to mention that my grandfather used to make his own.

Scully, as he was known, was a practical genius who started a rubber factory in Baltimore in the 1920’s and later became the co-inventor of the plunger. The story goes that my grandmother agreed to marry him on the condition that he wouldn’t come home stinking from the factory every day. You couldn’t just buy deodorant at the store back then, so he got to work creating one himself.

She must have been happy with the result, because my dad was born soon after.  He grew up with Scully’s homemade deodorant, took it with him to Europe in the army, and was still using it when he met my mom.

I managed to track down part of the old recipe and spent months in our kitchen reworking it late at night, using all-natural ingredients, careful to ensure it was clean and clear to prevent odors and stains on clothing. Then history repeated itself: my wife was thrilled with the final product. She even started using it herself – and soon so did our kids, our friends, and our neighbors.

Deodormint is enjoyed today in all 50-states and our fresh-smelling tribe continues to grow, thrive and share stories with us, which we love beyond measure.

In March of 2020, we responded to the desperate need for hand sanitizer with HAND SANITY - the first sanitizing spritz that leaves no residue behind & effectively kills disease causing germs in a delightfully refreshing, safe & not sticky way. In keeping with our mission of 100% truly natural, it only has four ingredients that we know, love & trust: triple-filtered alcohol (70% v/v) from local NY grains, and our blend of organic mints, sage & cucumber.

Our most recent product launch is Skeet-O Spritz which was painstakingly formulated over two years, and is the first natural bug spray that both repels AND relieves mosquito bites.

We make Scully's in Brooklyn, NY at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and we’re proud to share it with you.

David Schulhoff,
President, Grandson, Dad.