How it Works

Scully’s Deodormin works because our formula of blended mints and citric acid kills the bacteria that make the odor in the first place.  We steer clear from artificial 

fragrances and aluminum oxide which clog your pores.

Spritz 3-4 times under each arm, rub it in, and feel fresh for 12+ hours. Scully goes on clear and leaves no icky residue on your skin or clothes.  

Our bottle was designed to easily slide under your shirt for a spritz. 
As my daughter’s gym teacher put it, “This is the first time in my life that I have
ever thought, Man, I love my deodorant”.

 Works for 12+ hours



No parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance, or anything that we can't pronounce

Safe for little kids (ours love it); safe for pregnant and nursing women

Made in Brooklyn, NY



Triple-Filtered Alcohol from New York Grains, Organic Mint Oils, Organic Citric Acid from Grapefruit.



"And now presenting my dad's stink-free armpits!" -our daughter