About The Founders

David Schulhoff and Kareen Balsam are life partners and the co-founders of Scully’s Wonderful Stuff.

David comes from a family of tinkerers (his grandfather co-invented the plunger!), and he started out managing his family's rubber factory in Baltimore, before a fascination with branding and storytelling led him to a career as an award-winning commercial director in New York City. His father's early death from cancer prompted his passion for health consciousness and a quest to reduce unnecessary chemicals and fragrances from his family's life.

Kareen’s first career as a professional modern dancer taught her the value of a holistic and athletic lifestyle. After earning an MFA in Dance & Technology she transitioned to digital marketing and e-commerce working for retail brands West Elm, Godiva, Mattress Firm & ASICS. Her familiarity with digital channels has helped spur Scully’s impressive growth.

David and Kareen have two children and the world's best dog. They live in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, where David makes Scully's at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.