Peppermint and nursing mothers

September 13, 2018

Peppermint and nursing mothers

We've gotten a lot of questions concerning peppermint and milk production in nursing moms. Some pregnant women are afraid to drink mint tea due to the fear of inhibiting their milk supply to-be. There's a lot of information on the web that speculates on this topic, a lot of "may cause", and unscientific conjecture. We live in a time of crowd-sourced "wisdom" that can often be valued over scientific research. At Scully's we believe in science - yes we do! 

Getting a bit more personal here, I also believe in personal experience and a person's right to choose what is right for them. I am a mother of two who didn't have strong opinions about almost anything until I became a mom. I call it the mamma bear instinct, and it kicked in hard for me after my first. I nursed my firstborn, Talia for almost a year and Scully's was in pre-beta form them, but I used it and loved it even then. I loved that there was no fragrance next to my baby's nose. I also used mint as an herbal remedy for really bad yeast issues I had w/ my milk ducts. Those were not easy days! 

As this topic has come up a lot over the past few months, we’ve consulted with our pediatricians, endocrinologists and the lactation consultant who helped us with our first and second child -  all approve of Scully’s. Our lactation consultant has even given it to her daughter in law who has just delivered! There are *some* people who believe that peppermint *may* change/ inhibit supply, however this would have to be in much larger quantities than what is in Scully’s and would most likely need to be ingested. There is no medical proof of this theory however.

We have many pregnant and nursing customers who use and love Scully's, but ultimately, it needs to be an individual’s choice based on what they are comfortable with.

Here are a couple of related customer reviews that we're super proud of:

“I have tried every natural deodorant and none have worked like Scully's. Being pregnant, I really wanted to...find something that wouldn't harm my baby and I am so glad I tried Scully's. It keeps me fresh, and stain-free even in the humid DC heat.” - Belinda M., Scully’s Customer

"It's great for nursing. No parabens, no chemical fragrances next to my baby’s nose."  - Teresa N., Scully's Customer