Dr. Balsam's Fur Freshener (9 oz)

FINALLY, a natural deodorizing spritz for your dog! Made by a vet for your pet, Fur Freshener is a collaboration with my father-in-law, Dr. Ben Balsam, a veterinarian with over forty years of experience, who helped us solve our stinky dog problem - between baths! Just a few spritzes will help you both enjoy longer, better cuddles. Your pup will appreciate going all natural too!

  •  Great for "wet dog" smell

    Non-staining, non-irritating, non-drying

     Freshly distilled botanicals of wild sage, heather and fern

    No artificial fragrance, or anything that we can't pronounce

    Safe for little kids and pets

    Made in Brooklyn, NY

     Vegan & Gluten free

     Ingredients: wild sage, atlas cedar, heather, French lavender, oak moss, blended mint, triple-filtered alcohol, filtered water.

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