Scully's deodormint Spritz (2oz)

Scully's is the first natural and chemical-free deodorant that actually works. It's unisex and safe for kids and pregnant / nursing women, while being strong enough for men too. Aluminum-free, no parabens, non-toxic, and cruelty-free with no artificial fragrance. It comes in a sturdy frosted glass bottle. Spritz each underarm 3-4 times, rub it in to smell fresh for 12+ hours. The tingle means it works.


      •  Works for up to 12 hours

        Non-staining, non-irritating

        No parabens, aluminum, artificial fragrance, or anything that we can't pronounce

        Safe for little kids (ours love it); safe for pregnant and nursing women 

        Made in Brooklyn, NY

        vegan & gluten free

        Only 3 ingredients: blend of organic mint oils, organic citric acid from grapefruit, & triple filtered alcohol made from NY corn.

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