COVID-19, Hand Sanity and what we've been up to

April 10, 2020

COVID-19, Hand Sanity and what we've been up to

There has never been a "we" like this before. It's incredible the we are all experiencing the same insanity, or at least a very similar version of it for this period of "now" which is beginning to feel like an eternity. <deep breath>

I'm finally taking a few minutes to jot down our experience surrounding the launch of Hand Sanity. For the rest of this post "we" refers to David and me, Kareen. We are the husband/wife co-founders of Scully's. More about us here.

David had been working on the formulation for a hand sanitizer for about two-years, ever the tinkerer. His concept for a spray that also cleans phones and keyboards has been patiently field tested by many-a-neighbor and tech-nerd. We had been firming up our business plan which includes the launch of a bunch of awesome personal products, hand sanitizer, being among them. We realized we needed to dramatically accelerate the hand sanitizer part of the plan, and in literally one long weekend, we finalized the name, design and packaging. Imagine this scene: David, wildly creative & struggling to keep focus, is working on a million things we need to accomplish -like procuring spray bottles when everything is in the process of closing, mail supplies, and banging out the label design. Meanwhile I am yelling too frequently to keep us on track, while updating the website, making ads & dinner. Our kids are fending for themselves too often esp. during this stressful time, and then heroically chip in when we need it most. And of course there's Freddy (the pup) ever-waiting his turn for playtime and walks.

Fast forward a whole two-weeks. Since then, we've been supplying the NYPD, hospitals, family, friends, neighbors, and a great many folks around the country who are in desperate need of hand sanitizer. What we are delivering however isn't just any hand sanitizer!  Our wonderful Hand Sanity stays true to our "farm-to-armpit" philosophy. We use the finest alcohol (70%) from local grains, fresh cucumber (thank you local stores for being open and serving our community!) , and a blend of mint and sage oils. It leave your hands feeling soft with no residue and smells oh-so-refreshing.

It's gratifying to channel (most?) of my anxiety into this project/product. David is a master under pressure, moving around NYC  to get supplies and equipment... but that's a whole other story- perhaps in the next update.

We feel an incredible sense of connectedness. Several times a day we are touched by the solidarity of our community-family, doing good deeds for one another, big and small. We are in this together.

Stay safe. Stay sane.