Earth Day 2020

April 24, 2020

Earth Day 2020

Every day feels like Wednesday now, but thank goodness for significant days that help punch a hole in I write this two days after the fact! Earth day was actually Wednesday and today is Friday, 4/22.

Now more than ever, I just want to be outside. It's like a dream and a goal to go to a cafe and then wander freely in the park...with no face mask or worry that the kids will veer too close to another body, or another soul might accidentally step into our claimed territory. At home, I am a deep sea diver with limited oxygen, weighed down by to-do lists and worry, floating to surface now and again, wading through the Internet.

This #quanrantinelife can feel really hard some days, with our internal vs. external lives and needs constantly competing for center stage. The fight for balance that felt like a struggle before, is getting pressure tested like crazy. The future has never been less definable. But values, like old friends are here for me, as ever.

At Scully's, we strive to do good and be good, for our community, our customers and our environment. Here's how:

With our first product, Scully's deodormint, we use a glass bottle because we aim to use less plastic. We make refills (in recyclable plastic) so you don't have to throw out the glass bottle, and the refill lasts an average single user almost four-months. Hand Sanity comes with an aluminum spritzer and the refills are also now mostly in aluminum instead of plastic. Aluminum is highly sustainable and recycles efficiently again and again. It's effectively "worth more" than plastic and glass in this area. We don't use it for deodorant, understandably, but for hand sanitizer and our upcoming products (#cantwait), you'll be seeing a lot more aluminum.

And speaking of having a hard time waiting, that's the name of the game right now. Waiting, coping, trying, and sticking to the plan as much as possible! 

[Photo taken during our glorious social distance hike with friends last week, Anthony's Nose, Hudson River Valley]