The kids are alright, but really stinky!

January 09, 2019

The kids are alright, but really stinky!

When is the right time for your tween to start using deodorant? Typically around the age of 11 has been our experience, but there's definitely a range - just let your nose be your guide.  I happen to have the strongest sniffer in the world, and abhor B.O., which is convenient since my husband is the founder-maker of the best natural deodorant ever! We have tons of Scully's all over the house, but my stinky teen only wears it about half the time - so frustrating! However, Scully's is PERFECT for teens for a few reasons:

1. The ingredients are all natural and super safe. We believe that whats on your body is in your body and that your deodorant should practically be edible. 

2. It works for up to 12-hours. Just 3-4 spritzes in the morning, and they'll be good to go.

3. Kids often don't plan ahead and are still getting the hang of the morning routine. It's a funny thing that you have to teach hygiene, and like all things parenting, this requires patience! Our kids often end up putting deodorant on after they already stink, and this is perhaps the best use case for our wonderful stuff. Scully's is a spray on that kills the B.O. stank on contact. It's like a mini-shower in a bottle.

4. It's super portable and belongs in that backpack, for sure!